Tax audit

ATO “keeping JobKeeper payment fair”

The ATO is using its compliance resources to maintain the integrity of the JobKeeper measure.

While most businesses and employees have done the right thing, the ATO has identified concerning and fraudulent behaviour as well as claims by a small number of organisations and employees, and will actively pursue these claims.

Some of the concerning behaviours the ATO is currently examining include:

Businesses that have:

  • made claims for employees without a nomination notice, or have not paid their employees the correct JobKeeper amount (before tax)
  • made claims for employees where there is no history of an employment relationship
  • amended their prior business activity statements to increase sales in order to meet the turnover test
  • recorded an unexplained decline in turnover, followed by a significant increase; and

Individuals who have knowingly:

  • made multiple claims for themselves as employees or as ‘eligible business participants’
  • made claims both as an employee and an ‘eligible business participant’.

The ATO encourages all JobKeeper applicants to review their applications and contact the ATO if they have made mistakes (and the ATO may not pursue repayment of an overpayment in certain circumstances, such as for honest mistakes).

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